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Eugene (Bud) Boman - Inverse secant

Eugene (Bud) Boman - Inverse secant

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inactiveTopicInverse secant topic started 2/16/2004; 1:43:16 PM
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userEugene (Bud) Boman - Inverse secant  blueArrow
2/16/2004; 1:43:16 PM (reads: 1127, responses: 2)


I'm running an older version of WW (1.7 I think. I downloaded it about a year ago) and it seems that there is no way to enter the inverse secant function.

I've tried asec(), arsec(), and arcsec() but nothing seems to work. It's possible (even likely) that I'm doing something dumb, but I don't see what it is. Can anyone help me out?

Bud Boman

Penn State, DuBois campus

PS If you point your browser at you can login as practice[1-9] and see for yourself.

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userMichael Gage - Re: Inverse secant  blueArrow
2/16/2004; 3:04:17 PM (reads: 1318, responses: 0)
These function were added to about 8 months ago. You can download or view the latest version in the CVS at

You should be able to use this version of even with version 1.7 of WW. Or you can use it as a model to add your own definitions of hyperbolic functions to

You will also need to make a change in the parser if you want to be able to allow students to enter hyperbolic functions. the newest version of the parser is at

with those two updates you should be in business.


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userEugene (Bud) Boman - Re: Inverse secant  blueArrow
2/17/2004; 9:07:02 AM (reads: 1353, responses: 0)

Thanks, Mike. I'll download them.

-- Bud

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