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Lars Jensen - LaTeX in Webwork issues

Lars Jensen - LaTeX in Webwork issues

by Arnold Pizer -
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LaTeX in Webwork issues topic started 2/29/2004; 7:49:11 PM
last post 3/1/2004; 8:16:30 PM
userLars Jensen - LaTeX in Webwork issues  blueArrow
2/29/2004; 7:49:11 PM (reads: 875, responses: 2)
What latex can be included in Webwork? I have noticed that the enumerate and itemize environments cannot be included.

An bad looking example is  setIntegrationProjects. Why doesn't the latex come out in these problems?

Is some documentation on this available?


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userJohn Jones - Re: LaTeX in Webwork issues  blueArrow
3/1/2004; 7:51:19 PM (reads: 1075, responses: 0)
Hi Lars,

As to what latex can you use: you can put in formulas with \(...\) and \[ ... \].  Anything else should be through a WeBWorK macro which decides how to expand depending on the display mode (tth, dvipng, hardcopy, plain html).

With something like an enumerate envirnment, making a big image of it for display on a web page is not really the right approach.  Html has a numbered list environment.  The right appoach would be to code the problem so that it ends up as \begin{enumerate} when producing hardcopy, and <OL> when displaying on a web page.

WeBWorK has such a facility.  I have never tried it, but it is there.  I am guessing that others didn't use it either when writing problems.

My guess is that such problems look ok when using latex2html.  The entire problem was run through the converter, and the result looked fine.  That was what the problem authors were probably looking at, and hardcopy was fine, so it seemed good.


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userMichael Gage - Re: LaTeX in Webwork issues  blueArrow
3/1/2004; 8:16:30 PM (reads: 1068, responses: 0)
You can look at the macro OL
OL(@array)  # formats the array as an Ordered List ( <OL> </OL> )
# enumerated by letters.

More details are at

I don't believe that we have a standard macro that produces lists with numbers, but OL in can serve as a model for similar list environments.


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