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John Jones - WW2 log files?

John Jones - WW2 log files?

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicWW2 log files? topic started 4/12/2004; 6:13:29 PM
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userJohn Jones - WW2 log files?  blueArrow
4/12/2004; 6:13:29 PM (reads: 460, responses: 0)
With WW1, you could turn on the access log and record almost everything which was happening in the system.  Is there an analog in WW2?

If not, hopefully logging can be added.  But, rather than making one huge log, I would do as much as possible in single course logs.  One of the first things I need to do when sifting through the access log is to grep for a particular course.  Not only would that step be unneccesary with course-by-course logs, but the files themselves would be smaller.

I would also have the login log reflect failed attempts as well as successes.  That would have come in handy at times when students complained that they couldn't get it.

In WW1, the access log did not record password changes.  I would change that too.  For security reasons, the log should not contain the new password, but it should say who's password was changed and by whom.  I added this to our WW1 setup and it helped sort out complaints of "I changed the password for student X and it didn't work."


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