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Sam Hathaway - WeBWorK 2.0.1 Released

Sam Hathaway - WeBWorK 2.0.1 Released

by Arnold Pizer -
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userSam Hathaway - WeBWorK 2.0.1 Released  blueArrow
7/23/2004; 5:53:06 PM (reads: 5523, responses: 0)
WeBWorK 2.0.1 Released
WeBWorK 2.0.1 has been released. This release fixes two bugs in WeBWorK 2.0.

  1. When course databases were upgraded, sets, but not problems, were assigned to the global user. This caused sets appear to be empty when it was assigned to a user after the upgrade. Bugzilla bugs #611 and #614 are related to this issue.
  2. The date calculation routines before() and after(), used to compare the current time to the set dates, were not inclusive.

More information is available on the WeBWorK wiki:

and Tutorial on managing a WeBWorK2 course

-- Mike and Sam
Posted by Sam Hathaway on 7/23/04; 6:57:16 PM
from the dept.


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