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Michael Gage - inappropriate ioctl error

Michael Gage - inappropriate ioctl error

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicinappropriate ioctl error topic started 8/19/2004; 10:41:09 AM
last post 8/25/2004; 1:23:58 PM
userMichael Gage - inappropriate ioctl error  blueArrow
8/19/2004; 10:41:09 AM (reads: 1467, responses: 1)
I have found the following error on some machines:

cd /usr/local/webwork/webwork2/tmp/ImageGenerator.zFDShKtW &&
/usr/local/bin/dvipng -x4000.5 -bgTransparent -Q6 -mode toshiba -D180
equation > dvipng.out 2> dvipng.err
returned non-zero status 256:
Inappropriate ioctl for device at /usr/local/webwork/pg/lib/WeBWorK/PG/ line 361.

I have seen this error in cases where the image was created perfectly. It seems that on some installations 256 is returned instead of 0 on successful completion of the dvipng process. (???)

Changing lines 361 and 362 to

	warn "$dvipngCommand returned non-zero status $dvipngStatus: $!"
if $dvipngStatus and $dvipngStatus !=256; # some installations return 256? FIXME

Seems to work, but I would like to have a clearer explanation of what is going wrong.

Can someone who knows more about dvipng help out? (See also the webworkFAQ )

-- Mike


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userJohn Jones - Re: inappropriate ioctl error  blueArrow
8/25/2004; 1:23:58 PM (reads: 1748, responses: 0)
I think this is highly dependent on the version of dvipng. Do you see this with version 1.0?

One thing which may be worth testing is to see if it makes a difference where the dvipng executable is. I get warnings about not being able to find some font related components of TeX unless I put the executable in .../texmf/bin . Does moving it there (and updating webwork's configuration to find it) change the exit code?


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