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Web Interface Upload

Web Interface Upload

by Robert Molzon -
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Is there an easy way for a professor to upload locally created *.pg files to her course template directory through the web interface? If she has a set of *.pg files on her computer but no account on the server what is the easiest way to include these problem files in her course? One way to do this would be to select an arbitrary problem and edit it by cutting and pasting, but this is rather awkward.

I could do this my mounting a remote file system on the server (using sshfs ) where the professor had an account. I would then just create a sym link in /opt/webwork/libraries/database_problems to the directory on the remote file system. I could also do this by writing some cgi and allow the professor to upload the file through a web interface to the cgi (after creating an account).

A nice alternative would be an additional button on the Library Browser

called eg "upload local problems" . Probably the best way to do this would be to allow the upload of a tar.gz file or zip file that contained the set of local problems.
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Re: Web Interface Upload

by Michael Gage -
One can accomplish this using the FileManager.

First put all of the files she wishes to upload in a .tgz file created from the directory newproblems by

tar -zcvf newproblems.tgz newproblems

then choose "File Manager" from the webwork instructors page.

choose "Browse" to find the local .tgz file.
Choose "Upload" to upload and unpack the .tgz file in her template directory in the subdirectory "newproblems".

The problems are now available after choosing the "Local problems" button in the Library Browser.