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Thomas Hagedorn - How to Copy a Problem Set?

Thomas Hagedorn - How to Copy a Problem Set?

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicHow to Copy a Problem Set? topic started 8/30/2004; 12:24:58 AM
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userThomas Hagedorn - How to Copy a Problem Set?  blueArrow
8/30/2004; 12:24:58 AM (reads: 878, responses: 2)
Within Webwork2, how does one copy a problem set that one has created? I have a long problem set that I want to change, but I don't want to have to reselect all the problems on it.

My only solution has been to export it, copy it at the unix level, and then import the new version.

Thanks, Tom

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userDavid K. Watson - Re: How to Copy a Problem Set?  blueArrow
8/30/2004; 2:32:33 AM (reads: 1120, responses: 0)
One way:

On the Library Browser page, select Browse From this Course in the first row, select the set in the Browse from "< select a problem set> " on the second row, and View Problems. You can then create a new target set and add the problems you want from your old set to the new one.


When you import a new set, you can give it a new name, so export the set and then import it under a new name.


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userThomas Hagedorn - Re: How to Copy a Problem Set?  blueArrow
8/30/2004; 11:37:45 AM (reads: 1111, responses: 0)
Thanks David. I just copied a problem set using the Library Browser. I can't help feeling that this takes more steps (Create Target Set, Select All Problems, Update Set) than it needs to though. Using the Library Browser seems to me to be more in spirit with when you are creating a new problem set by choosing different problems from other problem sets. Just copying an existing file has a slightly different spirit.

I wonder if it would be possible to have a line on the Homework Sets Editor page allowing you to copy a set. If so, you would only need to hit the "Take Action" button once to copy a file. Also, the option to rename a file (without copying) could be on the same line.

Thanks again, Tom

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