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Doug Drinen - Images not displaying in Mozilla Firefox --- very strange

Doug Drinen - Images not displaying in Mozilla Firefox --- very strange

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicImages not displaying in Mozilla Firefox --- very strange topic started 9/1/2004; 1:38:15 PM
last post 8/1/2005; 12:56:05 PM
userDoug Drinen - Images not displaying in Mozilla Firefox --- very strange  blueArrow
9/1/2004; 1:38:15 PM (reads: 2745, responses: 2)
Firefox 0.8 on Linux Red Hat 9, WeBWorK 2.0

I created a very simple problem containing five integrals. I built a set with just that problem. I went to do the set, and one of the integrals wasn't there. The other four integrals appeared as images (just as they should), but the fifth image didn't show up. The answer box was there, just no question.

So I went and looked at each of the 30 students' sets. Of the 30, 24 were just fine. 6 had an image missing, just like mine (although it wasn't the same image in every case).

So I looked at the html source. It referred to an image. I SSHed into the WeBWorK box, tracked down that image and sure enough, there it was, just where it was supposed to be. I went back to the browser and entered the path to just that image and it displayed just fine.

But no matter what I do, it does not show up when I go to work that problem. I've tried refreshing the page, logging out and back in, nothing works. The page displays perfectly in Konqueror, Opera, galeon, and Safari. Only Firefox causes a problem.

This is clearly a Firefox problem, not a WeBWorK problem. I'm posting it here in order to:

(1) ask if anyone has seen similar behavior and/or other bizarre Firefox/WeBWorK issues.

(2) warn you that, if students call you wondering why their WeBWorK problem looks funny, you might want to ask them what browser they're using before throwing in the towel.

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userJohn Jones - Re: Images not displaying in Mozilla Firefox --- very strange  blueArrow
9/1/2004; 3:29:12 PM (reads: 3076, responses: 1)
This is the first case I have heard of in a recent browser other than IE. It seems especially odd since recent linux/mozilla seems to be fine, and they should be based on essentially the same display engine. On the bright side, you probably don't have many students using linux-firefox.

In the realm of weird display problems, we encountered the "Peekaboo Bug" in explorer 6. If you have a very long problem (like in set 0), then explorer will make some of the text disappear. Reloading can make it worse. Slowing dragging a window over the text can get it to reappear. We seemed to be able to fix that with

* {zoom: 1;}
in our template file. I don't claim to understand why this solved the problem, but it was a relief to find it.


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userThomas Hagedorn - Re: Images not displaying in Mozilla Firefox --- very strange  blueArrow
8/1/2005; 12:56:05 PM (reads: 1973, responses: 0)
I've been running into a similar problem with Firefox on a Powerbook. Equation images can get displayed in a fuzzy manner and sometimes the problem is duplicated on top of itself but to the side so that it's one big mess. Often, it will be one part of one problem that has this display problem and the rest of the problem will be fine. When tried in IE or Safari, the problem looks fine. And the .pdf file is fine too.


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