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Gavin LaRose - ww2 slow set assignment?

Gavin LaRose - ww2 slow set assignment?

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicww2 slow set assignment? topic started 9/6/2004; 6:43:22 PM
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userGavin LaRose - ww2 slow set assignment?  blueArrow
9/6/2004; 6:43:22 PM (reads: 887, responses: 2)
Hi all,

The short version of the question: Am I doing something stupid, or is set assignment in WeBWorK 2 devastatingly slow?

What I did: created a course of 820 students. Created 22 assignments of 5-11 problems each. Used the filter in the Set Assigner page to select out 410 of the students, selected 11 of the 22 assignments, and clicked "assign sets to students".

Somewhere between half an hour and an hour later, it's still working.

The longer version of the question: Can anyone else confirm or refute that this should be as slow as I'm seeing, or is it likely that I'm doing something in an inopportune manner?

Now, this may have been foolish; in WeBWorK 1.x I wouldn't have dared do all of those set assignments at once, but could have easily done it in 3-4 chunks of 3-4 assignments each. But WeBWorK 2 is Newer! Faster! Better! So I shot for it all.

My setup: mysql 4.0.16 (sql database layout), apache 1.3.29, mod_perl 1.29, WeBWorK 2.0.1, running on a Sun SunFire 280R with 2x900MHz UltraSparc III processors and 8GB memory.


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userJohn Jones - Re: ww2 slow set assignment?  blueArrow
9/6/2004; 7:10:42 PM (reads: 1103, responses: 0)
There was/is a problem with the time it took to do assignments in webwork 2. It can be greatly improved by altering the setup of the mysql databases (adding "indexes/keys" to the tables to speed up lookups). I think the cvs version of webwork 2 has this in place, but I haven't tried that version yet.


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userGavin LaRose - Re: ww2 slow set assignment?  blueArrow
9/6/2004; 7:26:08 PM (reads: 1145, responses: 0)
Thanks, John. I'll go back and dig up your script to add indices, in that I didn't pull the version of WeBWorK out of CVS.


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