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Dana P Williams - Scoring Question

Dana P Williams - Scoring Question

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicScoring Question topic started 9/27/2004; 8:26:59 AM
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userDana P Williams - Scoring Question  blueArrow
9/27/2004; 8:26:59 AM (reads: 1073, responses: 3)
I would like to give everyone in the class credit for a question on a current webwork assignment. (WeBWork is not giving credit for the correct answer, and I am not clever enough to fix the problem in quesion.) Can I do that easily? I seem to recall being able to do this using WeBWork 1.8 or 1.9.


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userThomas R. Shemanske - Re: Scoring Question  blueArrow
9/27/2004; 9:37:24 AM (reads: 1262, responses: 0)
I'd like to ask a related question.

While Dana wants to give everyone credit, there is an option to either revalue the problem to 0 or delete it. While he doesn't want to do either of these, I would like to know the difference between deleting the problem and resetting the value to zero. In particular how does this affect scoring?



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userMichael Gage - Re: Scoring Question  blueArrow
9/27/2004; 11:46:59 AM (reads: 1280, responses: 0)
To answer Dana's question -- the short answer is no. There is a facility for changing the grade (status) of an individual student, but there is no way to change the status for a problem for the entire class. This was a useful feature of WW1 and has been put back in to webwork 2.1 (which is now being tested on and on

One work around is to add to the list of macro files called and then change the problem by changing the answer checker.


#ANS( what ever the orginal answer evaluator was);

# or
ANS(auto_right("You don't need to answer this question --it's broken."));

(thanks to John Jones for this answer evaluator.)

If the class is small you can change the status for each student.

The third alternative is to reset the value for the problem to 0 for the entire class. This has the same effect as far as scoring, but of course not the same effect psychologically. :-)

So the good news is that in 2.1 you will be able to easily give credit to an entire class. Mean time there are adequate work arounds.

If you are in a hurry for WW2.1, then

cvs update -A -d

will update you to the current beta version of 2.1 -- it's pretty stable, but you should know what you are doing if you want to live on the edge. You can go back to the 2.0 release with

cvs update -r rel-2-0-patches

You'll need to check and update the global.conf and database.conf files by hand.


For Tom's question about deleting the problem, I don't have a definitive answer. The ability to delete a problem was mainly intended for the preliminary stages before the problem had been assigned. We haven't tested all of the ramifications of deleting a problem after the problem set has been assigned and it's effect on scoring. In particular what happens if you delete a problem and in addition renumber the problems? Are all of the scores properly reassigned? I don't believe that anyone has checked this explicitly, so it's quite likely that it will not always do what you expect or even what "should" be expected.

My recommendation for now is don't delete a problem after the problem set has been assigned to students in general. Setting the value equal to zero will not cause a problem as far as I know.

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userJohn Jones - Re: Scoring Question  blueArrow
9/27/2004; 1:09:45 PM (reads: 1311, responses: 0)
On deleting problems, I haven't looked at the scoring code to see if it does the right things. I suspect it's ok. The actual code where problems are deleted is something I have worked with, and it is also supposed to do the right thing. Namely, it wipes out student data for that problem. If you renumber problems while deleting, webwork copies the student data for each problem to the new number.

At least, that is what it is supposed to do, and seemed to do at the time those changes were made. If it doesn't do what you expect, report it as a bug.


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