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Zbigniew Fiedorowicz - dots in WW2 usernames

Zbigniew Fiedorowicz - dots in WW2 usernames

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicdots in WW2 usernames topic started 11/9/2004; 5:09:54 PM
last post 11/10/2004; 3:33:48 PM
userZbigniew Fiedorowicz - dots in WW2 usernames  blueArrow
11/9/2004; 5:09:54 PM (reads: 1143, responses: 5)
At Ohio State students and faculty are assigned usernames of the form
where #### is an integer used to make the username unique. In
WeBWorK 2, the lib/WeBWorK/ function checkKeyfields disallows
the character '.' in usernames. I modified this and submitted a
bug/feature request and got the following response from Sam:

>adding dot as a valid key field character is not an option at the
>moment, because dot is used in the names of form fields (i.e.
>$userID.$fieldName). This restriction will be lifted in the future,
>it's just a question of auditing the code to make sure nothing
>will go awry.

So precisely what problems will my modification cause in WeBWorK 2?
And what workarounds would you suggest?

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userSam Hathaway - Re: dots in WW2 usernames  blueArrow
11/9/2004; 8:57:14 PM (reads: 1313, responses: 0)
I looked at this a while ago. The problem I identified at that time was that in some places where form fields were identified by "$userID.$fieldName", and then split apart again with split /./. This is easy to fix, but hard to find in the code. I would provide more detail, but I am unable to find the bug report in which the details were discussed.

A workaround would be to modify the classlist importing code (in WeBWorK::Utils::Classlist) to replace "." with some other character. I advise against blindly removing character set restrictions.

There have been significant changes to WeBWorK since I first looked into this problem. It may not even be an issue anymore. I am checking into it. Please be patient or take a look at it yourself.


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userZbigniew Fiedorowicz - Re: dots in WW2 usernames  blueArrow
11/9/2004; 9:59:56 PM (reads: 1319, responses: 0)
Here's the bug reference:

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userJohn Jones - Re: dots in WW2 usernames  blueArrow
11/9/2004; 10:00:28 PM (reads: 1338, responses: 0)

I looked at this a little for allowing periods in set names. Things looked pretty good, but I hadn't done enough checks to be completely confident.

For what it is worth, I did grep through the sources for split commands. I found places which split on commas, colons, etc. but not on periods. I realize that isn't conclusive since it may be used without an explicit split command, but it is a good sign.

I may run with periods in set names for a while as one sort of test, while looking through all the content generator modules for places it might come up. Zig may want to do the same with user names.


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userSam Hathaway - Re: dots in WW2 usernames  blueArrow
11/10/2004; 10:01:09 AM (reads: 1322, responses: 0)
Zig - Thanks for digging that bug up. I could have sworn there was another much longer treatment of the subject, but it's possible that I imagined it. :-)

John - Thanks for taking a look.

I have been looking as well. So far, all the places I've found so far that use dots to join user IDs and other values are harmless, because of how the composite values are used.


  • In UserList, values are retrieved the same way they are constructed, by concatenation. So this is not a problem.
  • In PGProblemEditor, ProblemSets, and ProblemSet, temporary files are named "$fileName.$userID.tmp", but they are retrieved by construction, which is OK. (By the way, that use of the user ID has to go for unrelated reasons.)
  • In Hardcopy, saved hardcopy files are named "$courseName.$fileNameUser.$fileNameSet.$ext". This is not a problem, since the name is never read and parsed.

This is probably not complete, but it's all the places I could think of where dots might be used along with user IDs. But it's a good sign that all of these have turned out to be innocuous. Rob and Mike might have more to say on the matter.

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userRobert (Rochester ugrad) - Re: dots in WW2 usernames  blueArrow
11/10/2004; 3:33:48 PM (reads: 1280, responses: 0)
I couldn't find anywhere that Sam and John Jones haven't already mentioned where this could be a problem.

So I decided to test it and made a one character change to checkKeyfields() in and created the user rob.vandam in an sql_single course and proceeded to search for errors, bugs, etc.

I found none.

I even tried making rob.vandam a professor, logging in as rob.vandam, and trying once again to break something and nothing bad happened.

UserList works fine. PGProblemEditor just used blah.rob.vandam.tmp with no problems. Hardcopy generated mth162.rob.vandam.10.pdf with no problems.

And just in case, I tried the same thing in a gdbm course and again I had no problems.

I think it would be fine to allow dots in login names now.

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