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Eugene (Bud) Boman - Problem sets for Business Calculus

Eugene (Bud) Boman - Problem sets for Business Calculus

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicProblem sets for Business Calculus topic started 1/4/2005; 3:12:31 PM
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userEugene (Bud) Boman - Problem sets for Business Calculus  blueArrow
1/4/2005; 3:12:31 PM (reads: 899, responses: 0)

I'll be using WeBWorK 1.9 this semester with our "Business Calculus" course. (Basically, it's calculus without trigonometry and with an emphasis on business applications.) In looking over the standard problem sets I couldn't find any that are geared for this type of course, and I'm hoping that some such exist within the WW community.

Does anyone have problem set designed for such a course that you can share? Ideally I'd like problem sets correlated to the sections of "Brief Calculus" by Larson and Edwards, 6th edition.

But I will take what I can get. I just don't want to re-invent them if they already exist.

Thanks for your time,

-- Bud Boman

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