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Eugene (Bud) Boman - Sometimes 'text', sometimes typeset2

Eugene (Bud) Boman - Sometimes 'text', sometimes typeset2

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicSometimes 'text', sometimes typeset2 topic started 1/17/2005; 1:20:00 PM
last post 1/18/2005; 8:42:26 AM
userEugene (Bud) Boman - Sometimes 'text', sometimes typeset2  blueArrow
1/17/2005; 1:20:00 PM (reads: 807, responses: 1)

I'm running WW 1.9 on Debian (woody).

I set the default display mode to be 'typeset2' and that's usually what I get. The one exception is when I go into the 'Modify Whole Problem Set' page and then click on a problem number I get the problem in 'text' mode. Did I mis-set a parameter?

I'm sure this has been asked and answered before so I apologize up front. I tried searching archives but I just get an error message when I do.

-- Bud Boman

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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: Sometimes 'text', sometimes typeset2  blueArrow
1/18/2005; 8:42:26 AM (reads: 1060, responses: 0)
Hi Bud,

You didn't miss anything. The only output mode you get by clicking on the problem link on the 'Modify Whole Problem Set' page is 'text' mode. This is probably mostly due to laziness and the fact when working on this page, you are almost never interested in a typeset version of the problem but rather in reseeding the problem for all users, giving all users full credit etc.

We are having some problems with the Frontier software that we use to manage the discussion group, etc and Mike is working on this. In particular Frontier's search mechanism may be broken or disabled. As an alternative you can try Google. Do an advanced search and under 'Domain' enter "". For example searching for "ln log" (Google's actual search string is "ln log") results info about the buggy log function, etc.


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