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Michael Gage - Taxonomies for a problem bank

Michael Gage - Taxonomies for a problem bank

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicTaxonomies for a problem bank topic started 6/21/2005; 9:00:44 AM
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userMichael Gage - Taxonomies for a problem bank  blueArrow
6/21/2005; 9:00:44 AM (reads: 619, responses: 0)
Here are two pointers to existing taxonomies for mathematics. The Math NSDL taxonomy was designed with mathematics instruction in mind. One copy can be found on the mathDL site at

An open source Wiki taxonomy development program at has a mathematics component as well at It is initially based on the math NSDL taxonomy.

As we develop our own structure for a mathematics problem bank, I hope that we will keep the existing taxonomies in mind. We may want a more detailed classification for our specific purposes, but it will be an advantage if we can map our classifications cleanly into the classifications being developed by other math organizations for related purposes.

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