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Michael Gage - Obtaining problem libraries

Michael Gage - Obtaining problem libraries

by Arnold Pizer -
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userMichael Gage - Obtaining problem libraries  blueArrow
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Here are methods for obtaining the various problem libraries. Typically I store these library repositories in the following directory structure.


| | | | |
webwork2 pg courses rochester_problib union_problib , etc.

Inside each course I use the following link to allow access to the library


.../courseName/templates/rochesterLibrary --> /webwork/rochester_problib

.../courseName/templates/unionLibrary --> /webwork/union_problib


To obtain the libraries via CVS (the best way since this makes updating easy):

look at and it's links for instructions.

If you have the cvs connection set up using the wwcvs alias for cvs then


wwcvs co rochester_problib
will download a copy of the rochester problem library.


wwcvs  co union_problib

will fetch the union problem library.


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