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Peter Hein - Can't view problems

Peter Hein - Can't view problems

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicCan't view problems topic started 7/26/2005; 8:24:00 AM
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userPeter Hein - Can't view problems  blueArrow
7/26/2005; 8:24:00 AM (reads: 602, responses: 0)
First, thanks for everyone and their help so far!!!

I have the system up, checked, problem set installed, and the prof is creating a course. I stopped by his office yesterday and when he goes to view the problems before adding them to his course, nothing show up on screen. You can select image, jpg, text, etc, but nothing comes up on the screen.

I have checked that I have all the parts installed, and the script says that all is fine. I checked the logs and don't see any obvious errors.

Can anyone point me to a direction I should be looking or where to look? I figured if all is installed and there are no errors logged it *should* work.

Again TIA -Peter

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