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Questions about new global.conf configuration

Questions about new global.conf configuration

by Lars Jensen -
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We run rel-2-4-patches, and we just did a cvs update and there were some changes in the new global.conf I have questions about:
  • A new "National Problem Library" button shows up in the library browser. It is duplicating the "NPL Directory" button I already had. The latter button works fine, but when I click the former button, I just get a The problem library has not been installed-message... Is the former button meant to replace the latter? What does it take to make the former button work?
  • In the new global.conf, the variable $problemLibrary{root} was undefined:
    $problemLibrary{root} = "";
    In my old global.conf I had it defined to:
    $problemLibrary{root} = "/opt/webwork/libraries/ProblemLibrary";
    and I don't notice much of an effect whether the variable is empty or not. Does this mean that it is no longer necessary to define $problemLibrary{root} ?
  • Is the default installation directory for the NPL still in the /opt/webwork/libraries/NationalProblemLibrary directory?
  • Is the only purpose of the ProblemLibrary symbolic link in the /opt/webwork/libraries directory for compliance with old courses?
  • Is the Library symbolic link in the course templates directory still needed and should it still point to above ProblemLibrary symbolic link?
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Re: Questions about new global.conf configuration

by Arnold Pizer -
Hi Lars,

The short answer is read and follow the instructions at e.g. http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Installation_Manual_for_2.4_on_Ubuntu_8.04#Install_the_WeBWorK_Problem_Libraries

The "National Problem Library" and "NPL Directory" buttons are not the same. The former gives you many search options (after you set up the database which you probably haven't done) and the latter gives access via the directory structure of the NPL (e.g if you know where a problem lies or if you want to just look at e.g. Utah problems which are organized by courses). You do need to set the $problemLibrary{root} and run the NPL-update script to set up the database --- follow the above instructions.

You still need the Library symbolic link in the course templates directory but this will be added automatically by the Library Browser if it's not found so you don't have to do anything. If you want other buttons (e.g. "Rochester") follow the instructions for "Set up the Rochester and Union Libraries" which adds them to the model course so they will be in any course copied from the model course. If you just want them for a single course, just add the links in the templates directory for that single course.


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Re: Questions about new global.conf configuration

by Lars Jensen -
Hi Arnie,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I didn't realize that the National Problem Library button is just the Problem Library button that has been renamed. So it is not a new button at all. Anyway this button worked before my cvs update but not after...

We do have the NPL database installed - this was why I was puzzled why the National Problem Library button broke after the CVS and NPL updates. I got it to work after going over the global.conf configuration again - perhaps the problem was that I had the $problemLibrary{root} variable set to "/opt/webwork/libraries/ProblemLibrary" instead of "/opt/webwork/libraries/NationalProblemLibrary" ? I'm not sure what I did, but it works again now.

FYI: I noticed that the timezone in the latest global.conf.dist is preconfigured to "US/Eastern" The correct default configuration is empty.