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"make local editable copy" button

"make local editable copy" button

by Helena Verrill -
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This is actually a continuation of the post headed "Ted Cox - customize headers and problem sets, setHeader.pg, "make local editable copy", from Friday, 8 December 2006, 05:55 PM"
which is in the archive, but I am not sure if it is possible to reply to things in the archive.

I have the same error message, when I click on "library browser" then choose "problem library", then click on "edit it"; I get messages such as:

The file '[TMPL]/Library/Rochester/setAlgebra29LogFunctions/srw4_2_5.pg' is protected!
To edit this text you must make a copy of this file using the 'make local editable copy at ...' action below.

And, as Ted Cox says, there is no button, which is somewhat frustrating.
Also, one suggestion to Ted's post, is that in the new version of Webwork this problem will be fixed - but surely it is somewhat difficult to upgrade webwork once it is installed and students are in the middle of using it?
In any case, I am using webwork Version 2.3.0, but it still has this problem.

Anyway, I found that I can just cut and paste problems from the problem library, write them to files on my own computer, and then upload them to the local server using the file manager button, and then it is possible to find them under "my problems" in "local problems", and they are then editable.

A "make local editable copy" button would be quicker if that was possible though!
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Re: "make local editable copy" button

by Davide Cervone -
as Ted Cox says, there is no button, which is somewhat frustrating.
There should be some kind of "create a copy at [tmpl]/________________" option at the bottom. The editor did undergo some significant updating early last fall, and I don't remember what version 2.3.0 looked like, but there should be an option that allows you to make a copy in the templates directory, even if it's not called "make local editable copy".

It's true that some of the messages are still referring to that button even when it is not present. That should be fixed. But the functionality is there, though under a different name.

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Re: "make local editable copy" button

by Michael Gage -
As Davide says the message needs updating -- however the functionality is there:

Edit the radio button option:

Create a copy at [TMPL]/Library/Rochester/setAlgebra29LogFunctions/srw4_2_5.pg

to read

Create a copy at [TMPL]/local/Library/Rochester/setAlgebra29LogFunctions/srw4_2_5.pg

and click take action.

This will save a copy of the problem in your course directory courseName/templates/local/setAlg.... which you can now add to the set.

The advantage of saving in this way is that you are also reminded of the path to the original file in case you want to compare your changes to the original.

(Incidentally if you first add the library problem to a set and THEN edit it, you will have the additional option of saving the problem locally AND automatically changing the set to include the local copy instead of the library one.)

There is a bug/feature note on this #958.

It's not clear to me whether the fix has yet found it's way into rel-2-3-dev -- but it is on the list. :-)