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Aaron Wootton - Moodle and Webwork

Aaron Wootton - Moodle and Webwork

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicMoodle and Webwork topic started 5/13/2006; 4:15:37 PM
last post 5/17/2006; 12:07:09 PM
userAaron Wootton - Moodle and Webwork  blueArrow
5/13/2006; 4:15:37 PM (reads: 696, responses: 4)
I would like to know if anyone has incorporated Webwork with Moodle. My school - University of Portland - has recently moved to Moodle and the computer staff would be interested in incorporating Webwork with Moodle - currently we do not have Webwork (I use "hosted" at Rochester), and have been trying to convince my school to get it. This is a real opportunity for me to convince them, so if anyone has any useful info it would be much appreciated.


Aaron Wootton

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userGavin LaRose - Re: Moodle and Webwork  blueArrow
5/15/2006; 9:15:53 AM (reads: 785, responses: 0)
Hi Aaron,

Did you see this post from Zig? There are some other posts in this vein, but I think this is the most recent.


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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: Moodle and Webwork  blueArrow
5/15/2006; 10:01:45 AM (reads: 798, responses: 0)
Hi Aaron,

There has been a lot of recent progress on the integration of WeBWorK and Moodle but Mike and Sam are the experts on this so I was waiting for one of them to respond. Mike is out of town for a few days so I expect that he will respond to this when he gets back.

The short answer is that someone has recently incorportated WeBWorK into Moodle and Mike and Sam have looked at their code. I think there is a good chance that WeBWorK Moodle integration will be part of the standard WeBWorK system by the end of this summer.


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userSam Hathaway - Re: Moodle and Webwork  blueArrow
5/15/2006; 11:59:52 AM (reads: 789, responses: 0)
Hi Aaron,

Take a look at wwmoodle, by Peter Snoblin. This package replaces a couple of WeBWorK files and adds a new module to Moodle. It allows a WeBWorK course to use the Moodle user database instead of its own, and provides a mechanism for directly linking to a WeBWorK problem set from within Moodle.

It is set up to work with WeBWorK 2.1, but we're in the process of adapting it to work with WeBWorK 2.2. We plan to incorporate the changes to WeBWorK in the next major release.

Hope this helps.

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userMichael Gage - Re: Moodle and Webwork  blueArrow
5/17/2006; 12:07:09 PM (reads: 778, responses: 0)
There is also an ongoing project to allow WeBWorK questions inside the moodle quiz module. This project involves using the protocol RQP ( and ). The RQP protocol development has been bogged down somewhat of late, but I'm hoping that it will get up to speed again over the summer and one will be able to add a WeBWorK question to a moodle quiz by the end of the summer. This integration is tighter than the integration proposed by wwmoodle and it will take a bit more work on the part of both moodle and webwork to get working.

-- Mike

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