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Server suggestions?

Server suggestions?

by Adam Weyhaupt -
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Hi all -

A colleague and I are writing an internal grant to purchase a Webwork server for our department. At this point, the load would be light (about 150 students each semester), but we have every intention of helping to grow that number! If we ended up having a significant fraction of the faculty using Webwork for Calculus and Precalculus, we could have around 500 students using the system each semester.

Can you suggest any server specifications for this? I think we'd run Webwork on some flavor of Linux with Apache. Sadly, Moodle would not be involved.

Any info you can provide would be very beneficial --- the grant is due Friday!


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Re: Server suggestions?

by Dusan Vuckovic -
DELL 2950. 2 HDDs minimum, 4 GB RAM min. 1 quad-core processor minimum. It's a slight overkill, but time goes by very fast.