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Michael Gage - How to obtain physics problems

Michael Gage - How to obtain physics problems

by Arnold Pizer -
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Rochester has a collection of problems used in physics. These problems were originally CAPA problems and were converted some years ago, so they aren't pretty, but for the most part they work. You can view the problems by going to the Problem Library link at and then choosing the University of Rochester Physics Problem Library.

To download your own copy transfer to the directory where you would like the physics problem library to reside and type

cvs -d checkout rochester_physics_problib

I'll assume this creates a directory in .../webwork/rochester_physics_problib

you will need to adjust several lines in global.conf so that the macros associated with the CAPA library can be found. The original snippet reads:


# Locations of CAPA resources. (Only necessary if you need to use converted CAPA
# problems.)
$pg{specialPGEnvironmentVars}{CAPA_Tools} = "$courseDirs{macros}/CAPA_Tools/",
$pg{specialPGEnvironmentVars}{CAPA_MCTools} = "$courseDirs{macros}/CAPA_MCTools/",
$pg{specialPGEnvironmentVars}{CAPA_GraphicsDirectory} = "$courseDirs{html}/CAPA_Graphics/",
$pg{specialPGEnvironmentVars}{CAPA_Graphics_URL} = "$courseURLs{html}/CAPA_Graphics/",
If you only need to use these physics problems in one course (say physics_course) you can leave these lines as they are and create links in the physics_course/templates/macros directory


ln -s  ...webwork/rochester_physics_problib/macros/CAPA_Tools CAPA_Tools
ln -s ...webwork/rochester_physics_problib/macros/CAPA_MCTools CAPA_MCTools

and in the physics_course/html directory


ln -s ...webwork/rochester_physics_problib/CAPA_Graphics CAPA_Graphics

If you want to make these problems usable by all courses then just change the lines in global.conf described above so that they point to the addresses where the CAPA macros and graphics can be found.

Most of the problems work, but not all, so check things out before you assign them.

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