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Brian Camp - Scoring Problems

Brian Camp - Scoring Problems

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicScoring Problems topic started 10/15/2006; 6:26:56 PM
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userBrian Camp - Scoring Problems  blueArrow
10/15/2006; 6:26:56 PM (reads: 282, responses: 8)
I have a question about problem scoring.

I have just edited a problem on an active homework set. The problem had twelve blanks within it so that a student could get anywhere from 0/12 to 12/12 on the problem. The students (most of them) did not know how to do the last four blanks in the problem.

So I edited the problem to remove the last four parts of the question. The homework set was just assigned a couple of days ago so many students had not tried the problem yet. However, for the few that did, many of them have scores of 8/12. After I have removed the last four blanks in the problem, they should now have 8/8 or C.

My question: Can I have webwork reevaluate all students on this particular question (or even on the whole set) based upon what the problem now says and what they have entered? In this way, I could manually instruct ww to go through all answers that are given and the students that have 8/12 would then be correctly given C for having completed the problem.

I suspect that the "scoring tools" may hold the answer to this but it is not obvious to me. Thanks in advance for any feedback about this.


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userMichael Gage - Re: Scoring Problems  blueArrow
10/15/2006; 10:49:19 PM (reads: 314, responses: 0)
At the moment I can't think of an automatic way of doing this. If the student redoes the problem and submits their answer (since their last answers are saved they will probably only need to view the problem and hit the submit button) I believe that the score will update to C (8/8) instead of 8/12. I can't think of a way to do this as an instructor, unfortunately.

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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: Scoring Problems  blueArrow
10/16/2006; 9:59:47 AM (reads: 310, responses: 0)
This might be a good reason for allowing Professors to actualy submit for scoring (rather than just check) answers to student problems (I should actually check and make sure there isn't a permission level for this --- it's certainly not the default). But still the professor would have to go through each student's problem and it also assumes the student's last answer is their correct or at least best answer.

Are their other situations where people would want the instructor to be able to submit answers for students?


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userJohn Jones - Re: Scoring Problems  blueArrow
10/16/2006; 12:54:46 PM (reads: 297, responses: 0)
There is a permission level for "person can submit for student". It can be set site-wide in global.conf, and set by an instructor through the course configuration page.


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userAndrew Knightly - Re: Scoring Problems  blueArrow
10/20/2006; 2:47:57 PM (reads: 274, responses: 1)
Today a student in office hours asked about a problem and I pulled up her previous answer and we saw that it was correct except for a small syntax error. If I had had this ability, I would have given her credit right there for the problem. So yes, I think it would be nice to have the option. (of course I could have manually give her credit instead, but didn't have the energy.)

By the way, I just added the option

record_answers_when_acting_as_student => $professor,

to my course.conf and nothing seems to have changed. I also tried it in the global.conf with same (non) result.

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userBob Byerly - Re: Scoring Problems  blueArrow
10/20/2006; 4:51:41 PM (reads: 268, responses: 0)
In the course.conf file for one of my courses I added to the permissionLevels hash the options
record_answers_when_acting_as_student => $professor,
record_answers_after_open_date_without_attempts => "professor",
record_answers_after_due_date => "professor",
record_answers_after_answer_date => "professor",
as well. I added these when I was trying to get Davide Cervone's essay answer evaluator (which I like by the way) working. It had the effect of adding a "submit answers for ..." button to each problem after the set's due date. I'm not sure which ones I actually needed.

I simply copied the whole

statement from global conf to course.conf and edited it. For some reason I was having trouble changing individual members of the hash. Probably some silly syntax error.

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userMichael Gage - Re: Scoring Problems  blueArrow
10/21/2006; 1:12:36 PM (reads: 304, responses: 0)
It's possible that $professor had an undefined value in this context.

For this particular parameter it's safest to use John Jones suggestion and set this parameter from the web interface -- that way you don't have to worry about syntax.

The web interface adds the statement:

$permissionLevels{record_answers_when_acting_as_student} = 'professor';

to the file simple.conf.

In general when modifying permissions in a course it is probably best to use the complete description of the hash variable, in the form $permissionLevels{....} otherwise you risk unsetting other parameters.

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userAndrew Knightly - Re: Scoring Problems  blueArrow
10/26/2006; 9:21:54 AM (reads: 230, responses: 0)
The only way I can see to use the web interface to edit permissions is to use the file manager to edit course.conf. (There is no simple.conf file on our machine). I suppose we don't have the latest version. Anyhow, in case this is of interest to anyone, I added the following lines to my course.conf, and it seems to do the job: $permissionLevels{record_answers_when_acting_as_student} = '10'; $permissionLevels{record_answers_after_due_date} = '10'; $permissionLevels{record_answers_after_answer_date} = '10';

(This adapts mike's suggestion since 'professor' has to be a number in this file.)

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userMichael Gage - Re: Scoring Problems  blueArrow
10/26/2006; 10:07:42 AM (reads: 233, responses: 0)
Hi Andrew,

The newer versions of webwork (since version 2.3 for sure) have a link "Course Configuration" in the left margin just under the "file manager" link. It's a simple way to set commonly changed configurations for courses. (Written by John Jones at Arizona State University.) We're slowly expanding its capabilities in response to requests.

For versions without the "Course Configuration" module your method is just what is needed.


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