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Dennis Keeler - Ad blocking stylesheets

Dennis Keeler - Ad blocking stylesheets

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicAd blocking stylesheets topic started 12/11/2006; 10:18:05 AM
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userDennis Keeler - Ad blocking stylesheets  blueArrow
12/11/2006; 10:18:05 AM (reads: 91, responses: 0)
Hello all. Just wanted to share a problem I had, in case you ever have a student with the issue. I had installed a Cascading Stylesheet into Firefox 2.0 which blocked images it thought were ads (based on size and URL, I think). The particular CSS was from

The problem is that the CSS blocked some small PNG images in WebWork, such as "x+y=0" or "t=2". Somehow, the problem did not appear immediately, so it took me awhile to make the connection.

I suppose it is a rare issue, but now you know. -Dennis

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