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Email from Classlist Editor?

Email from Classlist Editor?

by Christopher Heckman -
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Another feature that would be nice for WeBWorK would be an addition to the Classlist Editor page, where you can select students and send an email to "selected users", "unselected users", or "all users". The usual email page is difficult to use if you have a lot of students in your class (like here at ASU sad), you want to send the same email to about a third of them, and you don't want to run the risk of losing user names you've already selected.

--- Christopher Heckman

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Re: Email from Classlist Editor?

by Raghu Gompa -
Dear Christopher,

Thanks for suggesting this feature. I also wondered that it would be nice to eamil students from Classlist Editor page - it would be very convenient. More over, if automated read/delivery message can be incorporated, it would make it easier for the professor not to worry about whether the message has been delivered or read.

.. Raghu