Help with Randomize

Help with Randomize

by matt mccallum -
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New user, very confused. Intro. documentation claims in at least two places that each student gets different versions of the same problem in a given HW set. But when I click "Rerandomize" on the View Problems page, the problems don't change values/variables. When I "Act as User" under different student names for a particular problem, it's always the same. Am I missing something?? Do I have to randomize every problem for each student myself?? I can't find a clear explanation of this anywhere in the website. Please clarify--
Matt McCallum
Loyola Univ. Chicago
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Re: Help with Randomize

by Michael Gage -
I suspect the "Rerandomize" button on the Library Browser page is broken. When a student is assigned a set (on the Homework Editor page) the are assigned an individual seed for each problem. The seed plus the problem template file determine the version the problem that a student gets for their homework. Their version of the homework will not change until the seed is changed.

You can experiment with changing the seeds by clicking one of the "Edit this problem" links and changing the seed before choosing the
"View this problem" radio button.

This tutorial might help as a general introduction to managing a webwork course.