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Re: LDAP credentials

by Andras Balogh -
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Answering the solution to my own problem:

I received from our generous tech support
a special username and password for an account with special search privilage on the LDAP server.
Let me denote them by spec_uname and spec_passwd.

In the file LDAP.pm the following two lines

# bind anonymously
$msg = $ldap->bind;

were changed to

# bind using credentials
$msg = $ldap->bind("cn=spec_uname, cn=... ,dc=...,dc=...", password => "spec_passwd");

Substitute ... with your site specific base info.

I am sure that all this information could be pulled from the global.conf file, but this works for me for now (until I upgrade webwork and forget how to fix it again).

I think the password can also be encrypted.