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Supress display of problem library

Supress display of problem library

by Ted Cox -
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After clicking on a homework problem what one sees is something like

(1 pt) rochesterLibrary/setDerivatives4Trig/s2_4_20a.pg Let f(x)=...

Is there someway to surpress the library/problem source information so that the problem starts

(1 pt) Let f(x) = ...

I suppose one could save each problem file to a new directory, say Set1, and then one would see something like

(1 pt) Set1/s2_4_20a.pg Let f(x)=...

but can one just set some variable to stop this information from being displayed for all problems in all homework sets once and for all?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Re: Supress display of problem library

by Danny Glin -
Hi Ted,
These filenames are shown by default for professors only, so students should never see them.
Depending on which version of WeBWorK you are running, this can be configured in one of two places.
In more recent versions of WW, you can look for the following line in global.conf:
print_path_to_problem => "professor",
and change it to
print_path_to_problem => undef,

which means that nobody will see filenames.

In older versions, there is a variable set in the course.conf file which controls which users get filenames. Look for the following line:
$pg{specialPGEnvironmentVars}{PRINT_FILE_NAMES_FOR} = ['username1', 'username2',...];
You can replace this list with a list of usernames for that particular course who should see the file names, which in your case I guess would be an empty list. Keep in mind that in this case you will have to edit the course.conf file for each individual course.

Hope this helps...