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Summer projects at the University of Rochester

Summer projects at the University of Rochester

by Michael Gage -
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In partnership with University Information Technology (ITS) at the University of Rochester we have two summer interns Spyro Roubos and Matt Leventi working with us this summer.

Spyro's initial project is to develop new complex variable problems using the MathObjects developed and refined by Davide Cervone at Union College.

Matt's initial project is to create a robust connection between Moodle and WeBWorK so that a student using the Moodle CMS can automatically transfer to a math assignment in WeBWorK and the homework grades from WeBWorK can be transferred back to the Moodle gradebook.

Eleanna Tsoumani, a graduate school in the U of R Warner School of Education is also working with us this summer and throughout the year on projects such as developing rich interface flash front ends for WeBWorK homework problems, studying the dissemination of WeBWorK and evaluating the user interface.