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WeBWorK available on live USB memory drives

WeBWorK available on live USB memory drives

by Arnold Pizer -
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A disk image of a fully functioning WeBWorK 2.4 system is available for download onto a 2 GB USB flash memory drive.

After installing the disk image on a USB flash memory drive, you will have a full fledged Fedora 9 system with WeBWorK, Apache2, MySQL, etc. installed and configured. You just have to plug the USB drive in and boot your computer from your USB drive. The system is persistent, i.e. any changes you make (to Fedora, WeBWorK, anything) are saved and will be there the next time you boot the system. Also nothing on your computer's hard drive will be touched so there will be no change to your standard operating system. If you want to run everything locally as a test, nothing else is required.

If you want to connect your system to the internet so that people (students, professors) can connect to WeBWorK and you can login remotely (via ssh) to fedora, you have to configure networking. Also in this case it is imperative that you CHANGE THE PASSWORDS for the OS users root and fedora (which has sudo privileges) and also for the WeBWorK users admin and fedora which have professor privileges.

For instructions on how to obtain and set up the disk image see