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WeBWorK 2.4.7 released

WeBWorK 2.4.7 released

by Michael Gage -
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We are happy to announce the release of WeBWorK 2.4.7. This release consolidates the improvements and bug fixes accomplished during the academic year and anchors a stable release so that we can add further improvements this summer.

This release contains macros for embedding Flash applets, Java applets, and Geogebra applets into WeBWorK. See preliminary demos (you can login as guest).

It also contains code that makes archiving and unarchiving courses more robust across different releases of WeBWorK (where database changes used to cause incompatibilities).

In addition there are numerous bug fixes.

For those using CVS and rel-2-4-patches
release, a simple
cvs update -dP
will update you to release 2.4.7 (and any additional bug fixes). Remember to
update global.conf and webwork.apache-config as well.

There are few changes to global.conf.dist and webwork.apache-config.dist -- all additions which support the new applet features -- so the update from 2.4.5 should be fairly easy.

See WeBWorK2.4.7 release notes for more details.