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Course Info[edit] Warning

Course Info[edit] Warning

by Hans Johnston -
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Hi All,

I quite sure that I properly updated everything in August to the
2.4.7 version.

Now in any course when one tries to EDIT the Course Info field
a WARNING message appears:

Warning -- there may be something wrong with this question. Please inform your instructor including the warning messages below.

Editing course information in file '[TMPL]/course_info.txt'

[here is the text box where you make the changes]

And more towards the bottom I see:

Warning messages

Use of uninitialized value $fullSetID in pattern match (m//) at /opt/webwork/webwork2/lib/WeBWorK/ContentGenerator/Instructor/PGProblemEditor.pm line 150.
Request information

Time Tue Sep 01 11:17:40 2009
Method GET
URI /webwork2/UMass_Demo/instructor/pgProblemEditor/

Turns out one can make and save changes with no problem
by saving and viewing your new/changed info.

Is there a fix for this, i.e., to stop the warning from appearing?

Thanks, Hans

P.S. - I've attached a screenshot of the webpage.
Attachment webwork_screenshot.jpg
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Re: Course Info[edit] Warning

by Xiong Chiamiov -
You might try getting the latest patches for the 2.4 branch, both for webwork2 and pg; I don't recall any changes that would have affected this, but my memory's not the best. Doing a 'cvs diff' in the webwork2 directory should also let you know if there are any files that have been changed from what you checked out.
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Re: Course Info[edit] Warning

by Michael Gage -
This is a bug (possibly not a new one, or it might have been introduced with the gateway testing feature) but aside from looking scary it doesn't do damage. The warning complaint is because there is no problem number attached to the course_info file (and the editor expects one -- hence the warning message). However the problem number is not used in saving the file so there are no consequences from the warning.

-- Mike
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Re: Course Info[edit] Warning

by Michael Gage -
I've corrected the error (I believe) in the HEAD version.

Typing in the ..../ContentGenerator/Instructor directory

cvs update -A PGProblemEditor.pm

will get the new file.

I'll back port it to rel-2-4-patches once I get the chance.

-- Mike

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Re: Course Info[edit] Warning

by Michael Gage -
Correction on how to update -- updating only PGProblem.pm to the HEAD version will cause difficulties (There have been more modifications to PGProblem.pm than the quick fix I made so updating just this one file won't work).

I have back ported the quick fix to remove the warning messages to the rel-2-4-patches version so

cvs update -r rel-2-4-patches PGProblemEditor.pm

should get a new copy of that file.