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by Dick Lane -
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Hi Jason,
    The reply to my registration began
++++++++++ begin quote ++++++++++
bugzilla-daemon@webwork.maa.org to me show details 3:47 PM (5 hours ago)
Bugzilla has received a request to create a user account
using your email address ([gmail account for use with course]).

To continue creating an account using this email address,
visit the following link by June 17th, 2010 at 17:47 EDT:

++++++++++ end quote ++++++++++

    My initial attempts to login at http://wwrk.maa.org/bugzilla3/ elicited response "The username or password you entered is not valid."  [note the difference between webwork.maa.org and wwrk.maa.org, neither of which was included in "the following link"].    On the other hand, I just tried again (wwrk.maa.org) and got in.

    On the third hand, once in, none of the Component choices match the LoyolaChicago library and Version:unspecified is fixed.  It is not clear which Severity keyword is appropriate --- the individual problems stall Webwork, but a Stop command in the web-browser takes effect and none of the 3 problems seems to compromise system integrity (but one browser session crashed after a 7 minute stall).  Platform is probably WW system rather than the Ubuntu OS of server or the OS of my client.  I suspect the Priority coding goes from Low (P1) to High (P5), but no adjacent help provides a clue.
    In any event, I just copy+pasted the Webwork-specific part of my report into Bugzilla.