Apache2 Hangs When Loading Problem

Re: Apache2 Hangs When Loading Problem

by Michael Gage -
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For those who have been following this thread. Zig Fiedorowicz has reported to me that version 2.29 appears to be once again compatible with WeBWorK. I have installed it on our local systems and so far there has been no trouble.

We have, just in case, added a module to the WeBWorK software which can be used if your system's version of Safe is not compatible with WeBWorK. (To use it change the use Safe; line in pg/lib/WeBWorK/PG/ to use WWSafe; )

The change log in the CPAN repository at reads:

2.29 Sun Oct 31 2010
 - Add &version::vxs::VCMP to Safe's default share

2.28 Mon Sep 13 2010
 - Avoid infinite loop in _find_code_refs.
 Patch by Yasushi Nakajima ( #61262)
-- Mike