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Hardware necessary for webwork and moodle

Hardware necessary for webwork and moodle

by Jonathan Rogness -
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Minnesota has a central moodle server, but the administrators there decided they won't add wwassignment to connect to the math department's webwork server until they upgrade to moodle 2.0 -- which may not be for another year. (An aside: what's the current status of wwassignment with moodle 2.0?) Hence we have to decide whether to run our own moodle server or forgo the bridge entirely.

Our webwork server is on a fairly powerful virtual machine, which would be the only thing available for a moodle server as well. We're a little worried about the performance hit, so I'd appreciate hearing:

(1) Do other people use the same server for both moodle and webwork, and

(2) If so, what are the rough specs on the machine?

(We're looking at about 650-750 students, each doing about 20 webwork problems per week. We can stagger due dates somewhat, but 300 of them will have to have assignments due at the same time on Tuesday night.)