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images not displaying

images not displaying

by Debbie Yuster -
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Some of my students are reporting that the problems are not displaying; rather, they get a box with a question mark. I've been trying to isolate the problem, and one hypothesis is that it's happening only in Safari, but I'm having a hard time getting straight answers from my students so I'm not sure. I've suggested that they try changing the Display Mode from "images" to "jsMath". Again, haven't gotten responses to tell me whether this worked. As you can imagine, I'm feeling frustrated that they are not "helping me help them".

I figure this issue should have a fairly obvious cause/solution to you experts. Can someone help?


P.S. The school has been having internet issues. Is it possible that the connection is timing out before the images load, causing the question mark boxes?

P.P.S. Sorry if this has already been answered...spent some time searching the forums but I couldn't find anything.
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Re: images not displaying

by Hal Sadofsky -

Hi Debbie,

We've had problems which seem similar. Though they have only affected a few students.

In our case I believe that it was their local firewalls blocking lighttpd on port 81 (probably).

See Mike Gage's helpful response to my query here: