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giving another instructor access to my problem library

giving another instructor access to my problem library

by Ellen Kamischke -
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I have created my own original problems. How can I give the instructor of another course access to these files so that she can use them in her course?
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Re: giving another instructor access to my problem library

by D. Brian Walton -
It is easiest if all of the files you are interested in sharing are in a single common folder.

To share the entire folder:
1) Go to File Manager and select (highlight) the folder containing your problems.
2) Press the "Make Archive" button. This creates a new file with your folder name followed by the .tgz suffix. (This is a compressed "tar" file containing all of your problems -- the entire folder)
3) Select the archive file and "Download" to your local computer
4) Share this file with your colleague -- email, flash drive, shared folder, etc.

To share selected problems (not an entire folder): If you don't want to share an entire folder and don't want to bother with creating a folder, you can select multiple items in the File Manager and then create an archive. It then creates a .tgz file with the name of your course. (I always immediately rename such a file.) The repeat the steps from above.

For your colleague, they would first have the .tgz file in a convenient location on their computer. Then use the following steps:
1) In File Manager, press the "Choose File" button and then navigate to find the .tgz file
2) Ensure the "Unpack archives automatically" is selected and then push the "Upload" button. Your colleague will now have your problems in their course.
3) Use the Library Browser and "Local Problems" to browse the problems and add them to a problem set -- you would use this yourself already.

Best wishes,
- Brian

D. Brian Walton
James Madison University