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by William Boshuck -
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I've just noticed a bug in the the PolyMult
macro in this file. (If I'm browsing the svn
repository correctly it is still in whatever
has become of -HEAD.)

The array @result should be cleared in that
macro. If this is done, the macro works as
expected. Otherwise the expected strange
thing happens.

I am using this file to write some problems
on the run, so I haven't audited the rest of
the macro file for similar problems. I'll try
to get to that soon, if there is interest.

Is this file being maintained/used? If so, does
it make sense to alter it so that the interface
is a little more consistent (e.g., return refs
to arrays instead of arrays, to make composing
the macros look cleaner)? Or would that require
too much auditing to see where these macros
are used elsewhere?

Thanks in advance for any input.