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How add permission to course.conf

How add permission to course.conf

by Murray Eisenberg -
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Exactly what should I insert into course.conf in order to grant permission to those with "ta" role to be able to send e-mail?

I know one has to do something like

send_mail => "professor"

but how exactly to I do that without inadvertently changing any other permissions? That is, I'm tempted to say...
 %permissionLevels = (send_mail => "professor");
...but I'm concerned lest that override all permissions set in global.conf rather than modify it.
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Re: How add permission to course.conf

by Arnold Pizer -
Hi Murray,

$permissionLevels{send_mail} = 'ta';

will do it. For more info you can search the web for Perl hashes.


PS. Just saw your more recent post. Guess this got answered a little late.