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Drafts of new front pages for webwork.maa.org

Drafts of new front pages for webwork.maa.org

by Jason Aubrey -
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Hi All,

We are putting together a new set of front pages for webwork.maa.org to help advertise and promote WeBWorK and to give a good first impression to newcomers.

They are currently undergoing heavy revision, but you can see a draft of the pages at


As a caution, we are still working on these pages and there may be typos, incomplete pages, or missing links. We'll get all of that fixed and in presentable shape for the joint meetings.

I would like to ask for your help in coming up with a good set of questions and answers for the FAQ page. In particular, I'm hoping some of you might post replies to this post with a proposed FAQ. They can be questions you want the answer to, but if you do know the answer please do include it!