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edited course.conf, cannot proceed at attempted log in

edited course.conf, cannot proceed at attempted log in

by Murray Eisenberg -
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At the urging of our local administrator, I edited course.conf so as to change send_mail permission for user role ta. But I think I may have erroneously used

%permissionLevels(send_mail => "ta");

instead of what I take to be the proper syntax

%permissionLevels = (send_mail => "ta");

Now when I log in I get the error message, shown below, saying my Username or Password is invalid. But I'm quite sure I have those correct (they are the same as work for another course, on the same server, where nothing is amiss).

Although there's a Continue button within the error page, clicking it just takes me back to the same error page.

Is this something that only the administrator can fix? How?

The error message s as follows:

Warning -- there may be something wrong with this question. Please inform your instructor including the warning messages below.

Invalid user ID or password.

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* Activity 'login' not found in %permissionLevels -- assuming no permission. at /opt/webwork/webwork2/lib/WeBWorK/Authz.pm line 219.
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Re: edited course.conf, cannot proceed at attempted log in

by Danny Glin -
The problem with what you've added is that it did exactly what you feared.
You have replaced the complete list of permissions for the course with a hash containing just a single permission.
What you want is something like the following instead:
$permissionLevels{send_mail} = 'ta';
IIRC, the 'send_mail' permission refers to being able to send email from within a pg problem (for essay questions, etc.). Are you trying to change who can use the "email professor" button? If so, you should be changing the 'submit_feedback' permission instead (which can be done from the Course Configuration link on the web interface).