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Help Modding Webwork

Help Modding Webwork

by Geoff Goehle -
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Hi all,

I'm trying to add "achievements" to Webwork, a la videogames. Basically I need to have a custom script prowl the sql database whenever a score is updated. I don't know where to add the hook for ths script though.

So my question is, what perl module updates the sql database whenever a student submits an answer?

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Re: Help Modding Webwork

by Michael Gage -
It's done in Problem.pm. A file that BADLY needs refactoring. :-)

It occurs in the subroutine "body"

around line 980

the actual storing operation
is done by $db->putUserProblem( data_in_problem_format)

in lines 946--1009 the data is prepared and error messages are reported.