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Summer 2011 MAA PREP Workshop: Creating Effective Homework Sets with WeBWorK

Summer 2011 MAA PREP Workshop: Creating Effective Homework Sets with WeBWorK

by Jason Aubrey -
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Organizers: Jason Aubrey and Gavin LaRose
On site dates: June 23 – 26, 2011
On site location: MAA Carriage House, Washington, DC

Registration Fee: $175 per person ($250 for registrations received after May 12, 2011)

WeBWorK (webwork.maa.org) is an open-source online homework system with extensive capabilities to create interesting, effective homework problems. In this workshop, participants will develop the technical skills to create and identify high-quality WeBWorK problems that take full advantage of WeBWorK’s extensive capabilities, and will collaborate to create a broadly useful and appropriate library of problems and homework problem sets for different undergraduate mathematics courses.

In addition, participants will frame and initiate the development of assessment and development tools for the existing WeBWorK National Problem Library. The workshop will have four online web conferences that precede a four-day face-to-face workshop held at the MAA’s Carriage House, and follow-up web conferences.

A more detailed description and logistical details are available at


We will be rapidly filling out the wiki pages for this workshop pages with additional detail.

The registration form is at

In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have:
Jason Aubrey (aubreyja at missouri dot edu)
Gavin LaRose (glarose at umich dot edu)