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User & author system requirements?

Re: User & author system requirements?

by Michael Gage -
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Hi Murray,
Some of the adviser features require that javaScript be enabled on the browser. If you use jsMath or MathJax displays that also requires that javaScript be enabled. Any browser made in the last two or three years can handle the javaScript used by WeBWorK -- it's very basic -- and most people have javaScript enabled by default.

We are starting to use more advanced features of javaScript in the 2.5.+ webwork --specifically the Library Browser 2-- and this might require updating the browser to one updated in the last year or so. These new AJAX features make the experience of using the browser a bit more like using a regular application (the best examples of good AJAX programming are the features and tools available from Google -- we're not that good yet but we're headed in that direction. :-) )

There are some individual problems that use java applets and a few more that use javaScript.

Take care,