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Engineering and WeBWork

Engineering and WeBWork

by Brian Camp -
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Hi all,

At Louisiana Tech University, we are in the process of writing an NSF proposal for the creation of problem sets for Engineering Courses (such as Statics&Dynamics, Thermodynamics and Circuits) with the eventual goals being to include these courses in the National Problem Library and to promote their use in other engineering departments.

Naturally, we have heard about some physics problems and some circuits problems and other rumors of Engineering classes that use WeBWorK.

If you have information regarding these implementations of WeBWorK in any engineering courses it would be very helpful if you could post here or contact me directly (bcamp at latech dot edu). We certainly don't want to reproduce anyone else's work but we have been having some difficulty in identifying just where WeBWork is being used in engineering courses or if it is very extensively used in this regard.

Any information would greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Brian Camp
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Re: Engineering and WeBWork

by Nandor Sieben -
We have some problems used for electrical engineering.
I plan to upload the files to http://webwork.maa.org/viewvc/npl/branches/NAU/
fairly soon.