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Blackboard Integration Update?

Blackboard Integration Update?

by Danny Glin -
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With another semester finishing, I'm once again getting requests for an easy way to transfer grades from Webwork to Blackboard.
Has anyone made any progress on this front?

My next step was going to be to fool around with the Scoring Tools code to try to get it to spit out a csv file that could be directly uploaded to Blackboard, but if someone already has a solution (or will have one by September), then I'm happy to try that first.

Anyone had any success on this front?

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Re: Blackboard Integration Update?

by Jason Aubrey -
Hi Danny,

We have a group in IT at the University of Missouri that is working on a Blackboard building block. They are building on work from Rochester, and targeting (I think) Blackboard 9.1.

I plan to beta test it in a course I'm teaching this summer. Right now gradebook integration doesn't work, but I think it will by the end of the summer, if not sooner.

It will be open source, and freely available to other institutions that want to use it.