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notation config file?

notation config file?

by Siman Wong -
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I just get started composing problems for a WW library, and I find myself keep using a small number of notations. But what I call (say) a_n is called x_n in one book and alpha_n by another instructor...

Question: is it possible to create a "notation config" file for the whole library where I define these (handful) of notations; anyone would choose to do so can then make the change in one place and use a uniform set of notation for the rest of this particular WW library?

For those of you familiar with latex, what I'm looking for is something like
\newcommand{\an}[1]{ {a}_{#1} }
The (user-defined) latex command \an{2} will then generate the symbol "a_2" etc. And if you replace {a}_{#1} by e.g. {\alpha}_{#1} **just once**, you will change *all* the "a_" to "alpha_" for the entire document.