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How to refer to another problem

How to refer to another problem

by Siman Wong -
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I would like to setup a series of webwork exercises that make use of a common set of techniques. The first problem gives a step-by-step outline of how to solve such problems, and the subsequent problems have gradually more technical/algebraic challenge. Each of these is a separate problem.

Question: Is it possible for the subsequent problems to refer to the first, basic case? For example, if a student submits an incorrect answer 3 times, a hint would pop up and say "You might want to review the procedure for solving this problem outlined in ***" ? I suppose I could manually change the wording each time, but I was hoping for something like \label{} \ref{} in latex.

Of course I will make sure I assign problem 1 in the webwork set.


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Re: How to refer to another problem

by Michael Gage -
I don't know of any standard trick that would do this -- the general conception of problems is that they are separate and self-contained. Someone else might have a clever idea that would work.

This isn't clever, but I often use the homework set 0 (setHeaderXX.pg) file for purposes such as this. I use it to give either a description of the purpose of the problem set, or external references that might be useful. It could be used to give a general outline as well.

Referring back to this set would still have to be done manually as far as I can see.

Hope this helps.