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MathJax slow

MathJax slow

by Lars Jensen -
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Hi Everyone,

MathJax seems to be slow to start up. When I browse a page, I sometimes have to wait 30 seconds or so for MathJax to begin rendering. Once it starts it render all the problems displays pretty quickly, but the slow start-up time seems to be pretty consistent.

jsMath starts up much quicker than MathJax, and so does the "Images" display mode.

We are running revision 6814, with the latest version of MathJax.

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Re: MathJax slow

by Arnold Pizer -
Hi Lars,

I don't have experience with the latest versions of MathJax, but in my experience MathJax is slower than jsMath. Originally I was planning on replacing jsMath with MathJax, but decided to keep jsMath and add MathJax for basically two reasons: (1) MathJax is slower and (2) MathJax does not handle delimiters well with WeBWorK's matrix macro (see e.g. Library/Rochester/setLinearAlgebra3Matrices/ur_Ch1_3_1.pg). This last problem is probably more a problem with how the macro is written and someone with enough TeX expertise (John Jones are you reading this?) shuld be able to fix this.

Davide Cervone has worked on speeding up MathJax and probably still is and he may have some suggestions. For one thing with older versions of MathJax Google's Chrome browser is much faster with MathJax than Firefox or MSIE. In fact on Chrome MathJax is only a little slower than jsMath.