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how to turn off messages

how to turn off messages

by Siman Wong -
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One of the problems I'm working on asks students to enter a list of numbers. If a student enters a list that contains an incorrect, answer, upon clicking "submit answer" WebWork would report back with an message like this:

Entered: (the list entered by the student)

Answer Preview: (tex-ed version of the student's answer)

Result: 92% correct (for example)

Messages: Your fifth number is incorrect (for example)

QUESTION#1: Is it possible to NOT display this last message? A sufficiently industrious student could reverse engineer the correct answer from such error message, especially for problems

QUESTION#2: In general, is it possible to NOT show the "result" message for each individual input, and instead gives an overall message like "at least one of your answer is incorrect/all of your answers are correct"? I have several problems where the students need to enter a bunch of Y/N; I would like to give the students more than one attempt, but without WebWork giving out the answer to individual answer when they click "submit".


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Re: how to turn off messages

by Jason Aubrey -
Hi Siman,

I think the answer evaluator techniques explained here:


accomplish what you want.

Hope this helps,
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Re: how to turn off messages

by Arnold Pizer -
Hi Siman,

To show or not show this message is a decision the problem author makes. Usually it is shown for multipart questions except for T/F, multiple choice, etc but the choice is yours.

Virtually every problem contains the line:
$showPartialCorrectAnswers = 1;
This is the default but the line appears to remind authors that they can set this to 0 and students will not be told which of their multiple answers are correct/incorrect.

You can edit the problem and (assuming you do not have permission to change the library copy) save a local version and use that.