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answers disappeared for student

answers disappeared for student

by Jason Aubrey -
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Hi All,

Can any of you account for how the following might have happened? A student completed a homework, and went back to check the correct answers after the deadline, but his past answers were not displayed.

You can see below in the url from his feedback email that showOldAnswers = 0

I checked other students homework and the past answers are displayed, as they should be, because I never (deliberately) tried to change this.

Do you have any suggestions for how this might have happened?

BTW, his answers were properly recorded, it's just that it seems that showOldAnswers = 0 for this student and not any others (and without any deliberate manipulation of this setting)

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Re: answers disappeared for student

by Danny Glin -
Hi Jason,
The student has the ability to turn off past answers for a given problem. On the left side of the problem page, there is a "Show saved answers?" option. Most likely he changed this to No.